Danny Thomas/ALSAC Pavilion

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All for the children.

The pavilion is an education and welcome center for patients, families and visitors to the campus of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where no child pays a penny for treatment. Its purpose is to celebrate the remarkable story of one man and the Arab American community’s successful quest to fund and find cures for catastrophic childhood diseases in their adopted homeland. The original building was designed in the shape of the Middle Eastern star of hope, and its central rotunda, chapel and exhibits had not been modernized or refurbished in more than twenty years. Our work included interior renovation/restoration and interpretive exhibit design. The goal was to tell the very personal stories of patients and their families in a warm and inviting place of learning, repose and reflection, while also serving as a welcoming and entertaining introduction to the hospital for visitors from around the world. Balancing and honoring these very different needs in shared space was the design challenge.

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